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After-School Programs: 


Since Day One, DRIVE One's goal has been to deliver quality career-focused and project-based training to middle and high school students without access to traditional shop classes. That's why we commenced our program by opening our doors to students Thursday Nights throughout the school year.

Thursday Night School RevUP:​

Since 2012, DRIVE One has offered after-school programming on Thursday Nights as a "Night School" to further develop skills and complete class projects. In 2024, we're "Revving-Up" our original Thursday Night concept. 


Almost all technicians will agree on where they got their start: in the garage, working on a classic car.
RevUp is a grass-roots approach to helping young enthusiast build their mechanical skills, using project cars and
competitions to deliver an invaluable educational experience. 


How do we deliver this authentic automotive workforce training? SIMPLE! Through projects and experiences that prioritize:
• Restoration
• Customization
• & High Performance


Best of all, "RevUP Thursdays" are STILL FREE and open to from grades 7-12.


*Please Note: Due to size limitations, we are unable to offer traditional Automotive Service, Auto Body, or Transportation Design as part of our RevUP program at this time. Stay Tuned for updates as RevUP continues to expand over the coming months.

Interested In RevUP Thursdays?
Make This Week Your First!
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