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DRIVE One "CTE and Automotive Media for Students" or CAMS is a reference portal for DRIVE One students to access Auto and CTE-related classwork outside of the classroom.


C.A.M.S. uses ASE-approved materials for chapters covering a wide array of subjects, including:

  • "Intro To Automotive"

  • "Buying A Car"

  • "Tools + Equipment"

  • "Auto Care + Cleaning"

  • "Electrical Systems"

  • "Cooling System + Climate Control"

  • "Suspension, Steering, + Tires"

  • "Alternative Fuels + Designs"

  • & More

Each Chapter grants students access to many valuable materials, like:

  • Instructional Video & Slideshows

  • Workbook Questions + Keywords

  • Lab Activities Students Can Do From Home

  • Plus Videos, Web Activities, Test, & More.

Most of all, it allows students a one-stop-shop for material covered in class where they can access make-up work and additional reference material not covered in class.

Students can access Chapter Modules by clicking the link below:


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