If you caught the news lately, you are aware that Michigan schools will start this year conducting classes virtually. 
Though this is a necessary step in defeating COVID-19, it does not mean that students should stop learning hands-on.
With this in mind, DRIVE One has launched "CTE and Automotive Media for Students" or "C.A.M.S." virtual shop courses. "C.A.M.S." Courses use curriculum approved by the National Association for Automotive Service Excellence (A.S.E), with chapters including:

  • "Intro To Automotive"

  • "Buying A Car"

  • "Tools + Equipment"

  • "Auto Care + Cleaning"

  • "Electrical Systems"

  • "Cooling System + Climate Control"

  • "Suspension, Steering, + Tires"

  • "Alternative Fuels + Designs"

  • & 12 More

Each Chapter Uses The Following Instruction Methods To Deliver The Same Education Your Student Would Receive In A Traditional Shop Class From Your Own Dining Room Table or Garage:

  • Instructional Video & Slideshows

  • Zoom Q+A's Sessions

  • Workbook Questions + Keywords

  • Lab Activities Students Can Do From Home

  • Plus Videos, Web Activities, Test, & More.


 "C.A.M.S." courses will assure our consortium seniors receive their required math credit, as well as maintain contact with staff over the coming months, or anytime when Face2Face Learning isn't accessible.


Students enrolled through consortium districs will recieve their log-in information via Schoology. Additional students interest in taking these courses should email driveonedetroit@gmail.com to being the registration process.

As has been said too often over the last month, we know these are difficult times. But our staff remains on-line and dedicated to the success of DRIVE One students, even when consortium schools are closed, and Thursday Nights have been cancelled.

We sincerely thank you for your understanding, and hope you can help us and our Consortium districts maintain a "little" sense of normalcy during this crisis through "C.A.M.S.".

To Log-On Click The Link Below:


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