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Events @ The DOTC:

To help repopulate the car culture, and introduce high school students to both the automotive and skill trade world, DRIVE One is proud to present special events throughout the calendar and school year(s).

R.A.C.E. Exhibitions:

Sometimes, the best way for a student to understand what they're learning in the classroom is to get outside of it. Since 2013. DRIVE One has prided itself on taking our students beyond the classroom, and helping them showcase their work nationally. Our students call them "Vacations", but we refer to them as "Racing, Automotive, and Competitive Events" or R.A.C.E. Exhibitions.

R.A.C.E. Exhibitions aren't single-day Field Trips. They're one-of-a-kind experiences where students have the opportunity to:

  • Go Behind-The-Scenes and Network with Different Employers and Workplaces

  • Take Hand-Built Projects To State and National Competitions 

  • Compete Against Other Schools and Even Professional Race Teams

  • Tour Two-and-Four-Year Trade Schools Throughout The Midwest.


Some Examples of R.A.C.E. Exhibitions Include:

Cars + Coffee:

The second Saturday of the month, DRIVE One “Cars and Coffee" opens-the-door to a plethora of cool cars and vehicles.

From 8-11am, both young and old alike from across Metro Detroit bring their classic vehicle to the DOTC for free coffee and donuts, and a chance to network with each other and the DRIVE One team.

We're Excited To Announce Our 2023 Event Dates:

  • May 13th

  • June 10th

  • July 8th

  • August 12th

  • October 14th


No registration is required! The event is 100% free 


If It DRIVEs, It's At DRIVEarama!

For five years, our Annual DRIVEarama Car Show + Enrollment Fair has not only help generate funds for our program, but bring the community together for a fun time. Every third Sunday in July, Over sixty vehicles, from classic cars to custom motorized bicycles sworm the gates of the DOTC to help the next generation of car guys-and-gals harness their skills and fuel their interest.


DRIVEarama is also home to Metro Detroit's only Fan-Voted awards for "Outstanding Vehicle", "Outstanding Special Interest" and "Student Choice" for all current DRIVE One students and alumni. Past winners include:


  • Outstanding Vehicle: 1967 Chevy Camaro (Jay Murray)

  • Outstanding Special Interest: 2018 Vansby Custom (Brett Vansby)

  • Outstanding Student Choice: 1993 Dodge Stratus (Rob Fuller)



  • Outstanding Vehicle: 2002 Chevy Cavalier (Trey + Sammy Kata)

  • Outstanding Special Interest: 1992 Huffy Bicycle (Mercedes Klaaver)

  • Outstanding Student Choice: 1983 Pontiac Firebird (Isiah Cook)


  • Outstanding Vehicle: 1986 Buick Regal Limited (Rick Fewer)

  • Outstanding Special Interest: 2019 Vansby Custom (Brett Vansby)

  • Outstanding Student Choice: 1998 BMW M3 (Jacob Serra)



  • Outstanding Vehicle: 2020 Ford "Deadpool Mustang (Joe Karwoski)

  • Outstanding Special Interest: 1981 Lincoln Town Car (Nik Klaaver)

  • Outstanding Student Choice: 2006 Chrysler 300 (Kevin LaLande Jr.)


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