The DRIVE One Consortium of Metro Detroit Schools:
Many area high schools don't have the classroom space or funding for fully-equipped Career Technical Education (C.T.E.) programming.  But with over 120,000 students in Macomb County alone, many of those hands-on learners lack the courses and opportunties accessible they need to be academically successful.

That's why in 2018, DRIVE One partnered with South Lake Schools and Lake Shore Public Schools to provide students in both districts with Auto Tech and other C.T.E. courses for the hands-on learner.

These fully-accredited, in-person classes take place at our facility during the school day, and range from One Hour Intro classes to Advanced Two-Hour Blocks. Students from both districts are transported to the DRIVE One TechCenter for their specific class, and also participate in other DRIVE One programs, including:
   • Thursday Night School
   • Project 4Real
   • Racing, Automotive, and Competitive Events (R.A.C.E.
) & More!


These Classes Are Open To 10th-12th Graders Enrolled At A DRIVE One Consortium Partner.


Here's a breakdown of current consortium classes being offered:

Coming Soon: 8th Grade Exploring Tech
To enroll in these Consortium Classes, please click the button below:

If Your Child's School Doesn't Offer C.T.E. Courses, and you'd like them to join our Consortium Partnership, please contact your District's Administrator, and demand DRIVE One Courses today!

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