Transportation design

Established: September 2012

Counselor: Jody Godman (MA , LPC , NCC, EDs )

Goal: Help students maintain a "C" Average to stay in the program, and also strengthen their knowledge, build confidence, and create resumes to help them gain employment.

Established: July 2012

Head Instructor: Paul Tregembo Jr. (Certified Automotive Instructor -30+Years)

Instructor(s): Paul Tregembo Sr. (Certified Automotive Instructor-49 years) & Kevin Parrinello

Goal: Students will learn all aspects of automotive form & function, from learning how to diagnose a problem to finding that problem's solution. They will do so by applying taught skills on both project cars & daily drivers.

Established: October 2012

Instructor(s): Ken Hoffman (Certified Vocational Trades Instructor -30+Years) & Dale Strubank (Specialty Tool & Dye)

Goal: Basic skills for beginners through small furniture, work safety skills, finishing, measuring, and design

  • Develop life skills: verbal and written communication and presentations


  • Provide youth mentoring in a collaborative, hands-on, project-oriented enviroment.

  • Present students with professional experience and contacts by showcasing work at auto shows and competitions throughout the country.

  • Introduce and Develop Skills in Automotive Technology (including Body), Machining, Welding, Woodworking, and Automotive Design (including Modeling)


  • Offer Academic Incentive and Support Through Tutoring

  • Assist with Career Readiness: Career Counseling, Assistance in Filling College and Job Applications, Resume Building, Monthly College Visits, and occasional Job Interviews conducted within weekly Meets

​Our Goals


Welding & Fabrication

​​Academic Assistance

Established: October 2012

Instructor(s): Guy Hart (Certified Machining Instructor 40+ Years), Paul Potocki (Former Machine-Shop Manager 25+ Years)

Goal: Students will learn basic metal-working skills requiring the use of lathes, mills, and CNC's to complete projects for competitions, and expand horizons through the use of available internships and employment opportunities as an experienced machine operator.



Want To donate to DRIVE???

 Our Programs rely on donations and grants for funding. A simple donation from you can help us provide students with the necessary tools to achieve success.

Want To Be Part of DRIVE???

 D.R.I.V.E ONE is always open to new members, volunteers, instructors, & Investors.

Established: October 2013

Head Instructor: Ryan Goimarac (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)

Instructor(s): Tom Rimatzki (GMC Studios ) & Dale Burke (Ford )

Goal: Students will learn the fundamentals of Automotive Design, from a initial rendering, to final edition, to production scale-model. Students will also work on different design projects, such as pedal cars, from start to finishing product.

Established: September 2013

Instructor(s): Paul Lee (Can-Do Mechanical ) & Dan Suarez

Goal: Students will learn the various forms of welding using all types of welding equipment while assisting in other program projects, as well as building experience that can be applied to future employment and internship opportunities.


DRIVE One is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, which instills at-risk youth with valuable trade skills required in today's workforce. The program educates students in fields such as automotive technology, welding-fabrication, machine-operating, and other areas with employment opportunities so that they can seek a greater life. DRIVE also provides students with free tutoring services to achieve current academic success, as well as additional assistance in gaining employment, internships, and scholarships opportunities to stimulate growth beyond high school graduation.

 DRIVE was created in May 2012 by a three-member panel, as a church outreach program attempting to fill the need of school shop programs left after 2008's recession. The group of founders composed of a Detroit-area auto shop teacher of 25+ plus years, a machine-operator of over 35+ years, and a church past of over 20+ years. Each member added something to the table that was needed to begin the initiative: ONE-The ability to teach, TWO-The ability to employ, and THREE-The ability to both Enlighten and Heal.

THE DRIVE ONE INITIATIVE officially launched in July 2012 in the back of a pole barn. The first meet was attended by three students, whose only job was to begin dismantling a 1977 Chevy Camaro to rebuild as a show car. Within three months, the initiative had incorporated 30 kids from five different districts, and had grown to include three inner-programs in Automotive, Woodworking, and Machining.

Since then, DRIVE One Detroit (which it has since become known as) has grown to include nearly a hundred students, and additional built-in programs in WeldingAutomotiveDesign, & DRIVE Jr (for middle school students). Working in-collaboration with the nationally-recognized Roseville High School Auto Shop program the last three seasons, our student-made projects has traveled across the country from Owensboro, Kentucky to Pomona, California; Our student-composed teams have competed under sanctioning bodies such as the International Show Car Association  (ISCA ), Great American Racing Series (GARS ), & the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA ), and has been featured in such publications as Hot Rod, Street Rodder, Rod & Custom ,Truck TrendCircle Track, Rod Authority , MyRideIsMe.Com , Fox News , amongst others.

We are extremely proud of our program's ability to help students get through gradation and beyond. We our one of the few Vocational Programs in Michigan with a 100% graduation rate. Since 2012, we have put over three-hundred students through high school, over forty, of which, would not have graduated without the use of our Tutoring-Services and Weekly Grade-Logging.

Many of our former graduates have also found employment thanks to our job-placement services and contacts with both local businesses and industry-leaders, and as of July 2016, eight program graduates are either serving active-duty or are ready for deployment in one of our nation's military branches (we member former members currently serving in the Army , Navy , & Marine Corps ). 

Our Programs

DRIVE ONE  Has a series of Job Training programs to assure our students succeed in numerous fields of study, including...

Our Board of Directors

  • We need funding to provide necessary materials such as Clay for Design, Acrylic for Machining, Paint for Automotive, and Quality-Hardwood for Woodworking

  • Additional Funding is also needed to provide Thursday night dinners to students and adults

  • It is essential that DRIVE is able to fund trips to competitions and events across the country so students can connect with industry leaders, and expand social skills


  • For as little as $25, you can help at-risk youth build both skills and a future not otherwise obtainable

  • Your donation will go directly into purchasing materials, paying for trips to national car shows and competitions, and feeding students whose families are struggling to nourish them

  • And as a 501(c)(3), a donation to DRIVE is considered a "Write-Off" on your Corporate Taxes.

  • Checks can be written out to DRIVE One, and mailed to:
    DRIVE One Technical Center

    15900 Common Rd
    Roseville, MI 48066

  • Upon sending your donation, You will receive a donation-letter in the mail from our Board of Directors and Treasury Department within the next one-to-two weeks



Our Requirements


  • We Meet Tuesday & Thursday Night from 6-9pm
    (The 3rd Thursday in September
    through the 4th Thursday in May)​**

  • Thursday Meets include a prepared-dinner with Invocation; Tuesday Meets are normally paid for by students

  • We Operate Out Of the DRIVE One Technical Center (DOTC), located at 15900 Common Rd, Roseville, MI 48066.

  • The DOTC includes five working automotive hoist, a woodshop, machine shop, welding area, shop classroom, tool crib, bolt room, and our own upstairs design studio.

  • We welcome ALL STUDENTS interested in learning trades or building a future

  • DRIVE is also welcomed to volunteers and instructors with knowledge in the area. If you are interested in volunteering or instructing one of our inner-programs, please stop by on a Tuesday or Thursday Night with documentation, and ask for President Paul Tregembo Jr.

  • We are also looking for and/or open to additional assistance in the following areas:

  1. Culinary/Prepared Dinners

  2. Project Managing & Financing

  3. Fundraising & Event Coordinating

  4. New Facility & Grounds

  5. Anyone with a background in Education, Design, or Advanced Trades who can provide the program with additional insight, and spark new, creative ideas that may help it grow

**DRIVE Does Not Meet During Holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, & Does Not Meet When Students Are Off Such as Christmas Break, Spring Break, & Summer Vacation

​Our mission:

"Professional, STEAM -driven education, through collaboration with industry."

DRIVE ONE: Shop Class 2.0

President: Paul Tregembo Sr. (Roseville H.S Auto Shop Instructor from 1967-2015 [retired])​

Vice President: Chris Loria (Lakeshore Public Schools Superintendent from 1990-2016 [retired])

Secretary: Rev. Dianne VanMarter* (United Methodist Church Minister since 1990; PHD-Wayne State )

Treasurer: Janice Hedge (Yale Public Schools Math Instructor from 1980-2014 [retired])

Trustee: Bonnie Petinga (Eyes-On Design Car Show Fundraising and Event Coordinator from 2010-Current)

Trustee:Paul Potocki (Chief Judge-International Show Car Association  [ISCA ])

Trustee:Tommy Tiganelli (Engine Developer-Fiat Chrysler Automobiles from 1965-2000 [retired])

Trustee: Kevin Parrinello (Store Manager-O'Reilly Auto Parts from 2015-Current))

Trustee: Dale Strubank* (Specialty Tool & Dye Machinist 1976-2013 [retired]; former U.S Navy Machinist  [1963-1967]

Advisory Board
Mark O'Brien (Chairman-Roy O'Brien Ford)

Mark Williams (Talent Acquisition-The Suburban Collection

Joseph Tregembo (Communication's Director- DRIVE One)

*-asterisk indicates Board Member/Trustee is Founding Member of DRIVE One (May 2012)

  • Maintain a C-Average:
    having valuable trade skills is key to finding employment, so is an applicable track record. in order for their skills to pay off long-term, students must maintain grades reflective of an employable work ethic-including a record of responsible decision-making, properly using time and resources, displaying a professional persona, and showcasing an ability to communicate easily and productively with others. we help students achieve an applicable record through several valuable resources:

  • A nightly-grade check-in which students log-on to a county-wide grading system, print off a copy of their current grades, & present that copy to a designated tutor. This instructor assigned to grade-checking then tracks their grades into a computer log-sheet to show weekly-improvement before signing each student log book as proof of up-to-date tracking. 

  • A designated "student log" notebook which tracks weekly participation & activity. this book not only helps build rhetorical skills, but also provides drive & its board of directors with proof of weekly-involvement and productivity. each student is to write a nightly entry discussing what they worked on, with whom, & is certified at the bottom by the signatures of both their project supervisor & designated tutor for accuracy.

  • Remain in school and possess a suspension-free record since entering drive: 
    Proper conduct and behavior in school is also key to showcasing a proper work ethic to employers. it also helps our students stay focus in school and away from the wrong crowd.

  • Maintain a record-free of any illegal or criminal-activity (past of present):
    DRIVE has a zero-tolerance policy for criminal behavior. participating in criminal conduct both destroys any prior successes (academically or professionally) and can exploit other students into such reprehensible behavior. *

  • Have not abused drugs, alcohol, or any form of illegal substance (past of present): 
    DRIVE maintains a zero-tolerance drug policy. drugs of any form are deemed "threatening" , "cause of suspicious  and negative behavior", and "detrimental to a student's future". partaking in activities regarding the use of distribution of drugs will not be tolerated, and may also exploit other students into such reprehensible behavior*

  • Conduct themselves in a safe-and-responsible manner around shop equipment and fellow students:
    For one to properly use heavy tools & equipment, they must first master the art of shop safety. at the start of each year, students are taught how to properly use shop equipment (in all programs including automotive , machine, woodworking, fabrication, & design), so that they can apply these techniques for the remainder of the year. students are also taught proper shop behavior when both around equipment and people using equipment. use of safety glasses are required whenever working in conditions containing sparks or flying debris. mask are used whenever working around bondo, asbestos, paint, or other catalyst for health problems. pre-designated working quarters (indicated by either yellow-or-blue painted lines across shop floors) are there to remind students where to walk when other are at work, and to apply proper techniques-which include: no horseplay, fighting, trash-talking/instigating, harassing/yelling, or othher forms of distracting/dangerous behavior.*

    • * asterisk indicates behavior that  is deemed "detrimental" to both the program and its students, and therefor is subject  to possible short-term or long-term suspension from drive-via majority consent of drive's eight-member board of directors.